Self Care for Minor Ailments

Get in the know about how to treat minor ailments this winter

We are launching the latest part of the ‘Get in the Know’ campaign which aims to support people to get the right care as quickly as possible, by raising awareness about which NHS services to use to get support for treating minor ailments.

The website provides lots of useful information about how to access care. Minor ailments such as coughs, colds and sore throats are all treatable with advice from a local pharmacy, NHS 111 online or the NHS App.

During winter there is a significant increase in the number viral infections such as colds and flu,  coughs and sore throats. Most of these ailments can be managed by people themselves and cannot be treated using antibiotics, therefore they don’t need an appointment with a GP practice. It’s important for people to know where to get medical advice should they need it.

Using the NHS App, NHS 111 Online and your local pharmacy is more convenient for many people for treating minor ailments, and they will get care more quickly than using their GP practice or A&E.

Visit to learn more.

Read the press release launching the latest part of the campaign