Change to Online Services Access

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We are now prospectively providing patients with access to their full medical record via the NHS app (and NHS website) if they have a suitable NHS login. This means that patients with online access will be able to see more detailed information (such as letters and consultation notes) for any information that is entered into your records going forward.

We are aware that not everyone will want access to their full record on the internet at this time, and some patients may have concerns about their personal medical records being made available on their smartphones or online, especially if other people have access to their devices. If you would like to switch off full medical record access for the time being, please contact the practice to inform us that you would like to opt-out of online full medical record access.

Requesting access – what do I need to do?

The easiest way to get access is to create an NHS login through the NHS app. Although you can also access your GP records via the internet on a computer, the first bit is easiest if done through a smartphone. If you don’t have one, you may have a family member or friend you trust who can help you. You can also ask our reception team, but you’ll need some proof of who you are, eg a passport, driving licence or household bill.

If you use the NHS app, you’ll have to set up an account using a unique e-mail address and then ‘authenticate’ yourself to the NHS system to prove you are who you say you are. This will involve confirming your name, date of birth and contact details. The NHS login has several levels of authentication and to gain access to your records you’ll need the highest level of authentication. This generally involves you recording a short video of yourself to prove you are a real person as well as uploading a copy of a suitable identification document. We can bypass this step if you are struggling, but we’d ask you to try to sign up to the NHS app yourself. Further information on the NHS App can be found here:

Once you have suitably authenticated yourself to the NHS app and created your NHS login you can submit an Online Access Form to us and ask for access, being mindful of the risks associated with access and the importance of not sharing passwords or having them stored in your smartphone if you think other people might want to see them without your permission. If you have any concerns, you should explain these to our team who can guide you. Your request will be passed to the clinical team to review. It may be that the practice wishes to contact you to discuss your request if there are any concerns